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    Memorial Products and Services
    For Funeral Care Providers


The PermaVita suite of products includes digital and print memorial packages.
Fully customizable Online Memorials and slideshows, and superior quality printed cards and keepsake books are all available.

Impressive Digital Presence

Beautiful, customizable Online Memorials combined with a fully integrated App provide your customers with the digital platform they expect and have come to depend upon. Sharing of photos, stories and Guestbook comments, tasteful slideshows. Capture guest registry and comments on our new Digital Memorial Register and automatically upload them to the Online Memorial.

Superior Printed Products

Memorial, Order of Service and Thank you Cards, Memorial Registry and Photo Books greatly surpass any current offerings in beauty and value. These printed products are provided to your client families with no inventory requirements and no compilation or printing efforts on your behalf.

Effortless Integration

Maintain your unique online presence and provide superior printed products without compromising your bottom line. The integration of our products is easy and immediate. Best of all, this seamless integration comes to you at Zero Cost.

Online Memorial Website

The Online Memorial tool helps you create an enduring tribute to the life of your loved one. Capture your most cherished memories, allow your friends and family to sign a guestbook, share condolences and stories, and include their favorite photos, videos, stories and music to add to your celebration of life. Privacy and all content is moderated by you.

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Digital Memorial Register

Our Digital Registry Book is the modernization of the traditional paper guest registry book.We have developed a signature Memorial Registry application running on an ipad platform. Using the newly released Apple pencil, guests can easily sign the Register recreating the timeless feeling of pen on paper like no other electronic guestbook. Gest names and comments will be immediately uploaded to the Online Memorial Guestbook.

Use the data gathered in the digital registry book to create a lead generation contact lists for future sales and reach outs.

The Digital Memorial Registry can accommodate multiple services at once and works in both online and offline mode where internet connection is unavailable.

The ultimate advantage of this modern approach is the ability to merge the online guestbook entries with the names and comments gathered at the Memorial service and provide an all-encompassing, beautiful keepsake book.

Memorial Slideshow

Using carefully selected images, we will create a beautiful Memorial Slideshow using pictures, videos and music. This Memorial Slideshow is a valuable element of the memorial service. The Memorial Slideshow can be provided on a USB memory key.

Memorial App

The Memorial App provides users with an opportunity to store all memorial content offline. ensuring that the valuable online memorial content captured in stories, photos, videos and remembrances remains accessible without requiring access to the internet.

Memorial Register & Guestbook

The Memorial Register & Guestbook is a rich compilation of photos, guestbook entries from the online memorial, and entries from the memorial register collected at the funeral or memorial service or visitation.

Memorial Cards

The Memorial Card transforms the traditional newspaper obituary into a beautiful, multi-purpose keepsake card to be shared with family and friends. Choose from a wide array of unique designs that best suit your loved one. The Memorial Card is also available as an Order of Service Card and in electronic format for effortless distribution by email to friends and family.

Thank You Cards

Personalized Thank You Cards are an excellent way to show appreciation for attendance at the memorial service, flowers, donations and for kind words and sympathies expressed.

Photo Book

Photo Books provide another format to share, celebrate and store the unique memories captured in photos saved to the Online Memorial. Photo Books are practical keepsakes for the memorial service.


We provide beautiful product displays, the all-new Digital Memorial Register, feature-rich, secure Online Memorials, customizable slideshows, and quality printing services. Our Customer Care Centre is available to assist your client families every step of the way.

Integrate Technology with Existing Services

Provide your customers with feature-rich, tasteful and secure online memorials, a downloadable app, customizable memorial slideshows, and the all-new digital memorial register - up to date technology we have all come to expect. And the ability to access and share information on a site with your branding will help create top of mind awareness to your service by a potentially unlimited number of guests. Our digital products are managed and supported by us, on our servers and internet connections. You will access these superior products, fully integrated and white-labelled into your current online presence, branded as your own.

Customer Care Centre

Our white-labeled Customer Care Centre works directly with your client families to assist them in the creation and support of all your digital memorial products. Our call centre agents are dedicated to helping your families and are a trusted and welcome resource for them during these difficult times. Our agents reflect your business professionalism and integrity. We guarantee a positive customer experience, which will reflect positively on your business and brand.

Provide an End-to-End Product Experience

One single service provides and end-to-end experience for your client families. Simply initiate the Online Memorial and our Customer Service Centre will fulfill all digital and print product orders. No more need for stationary inventory or printing effort and cost. We will work with you to tailor packages that will meet the needs of your client families.


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The Permvita suite of products have been developed in association with several Funeral Care providers in North America and Europe. Our products and services are being successfully tested and sold in multiple locations and have been continually improved upon over the last 6 years.